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Apprenticeships explained

An apprenticeship is an alternative to academic learning. Not only will you pick up skills learned only with valuable hands-on training with industry specialists, but you can earn a regular salary at the same time. It is an excellent way to supercharge your career and get yourself on the job ladder, whilst picking up the knowledge you need to excel in your chosen field.

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How apprenticeships work for you?

From the outset, we communicate with you to find out exactly what your organisational requirements are, then find the best fit for the business and an individual who will bring value to the role instantly.

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We want to engage with you

We will meet you in the first instance to find out exactly what your business needs from an apprentice, whilst ensuring that you have all the information you need from the outset.


Free recruitment

We will source high quality candidates that not only meet your organisational needs, but have the best personality fit and abilities to contribute to your office dynamics.


Ongoing support

Not only will we induct the apprentice, but we will offer ongoing support to both your business and the learner. We hold regular one-to-one sessions with our apprentices to ensure they are on the right track.


Delivery is important

We are versatile in our approach to teaching as we know every business has different needs, so we offer both academy-style support on a weekly basis, as well as distance-learning in the form of webinars.

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What our customers say


All the delegates have expressed that the sessions are informative and they are getting a lot from them. For some, it has been revolutionary in how they manage their workloads or how they communicate with colleagues. Jo Goode | SET, testimonial
Jo Goode | SET
My time as an apprentice with GBS was extremely good. I felt supported throughout and I believe was given all the necessary resources to complete the Digital Marketing course to a very high standard. My learner mentor, Iain Pickles was always just an email or phone call away and was very happy to answer any question or query that I had. I am overwhelmed to be nominated as a finalist for the ‘Shining Star – Outstanding Drive and Determination Award’. I feel that all the hard work has paid off. Brioni Locke, testimonial
Brioni Locke
Digital Marketing Apprentice
As an employer mentoring for my first apprentice through this process, I found GBS’ support and guidance invaluable. The steps and requirements on me were clearly laid out and the regular visits from my apprentice’s GBS coach, Iain, helped to keep us on track. In summary I would have no hesitations in recommending GBS to other employers looking to take on apprentices for the first time. Paul Barnes | Icomera, testimonial
Paul Barnes | Icomera
Head of Marketing