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Marketing Executive

Coming soon A Marketing Executive will help shape, support and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager who will define the overall marketing strategy.

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Course Level

Level 4

Course Duration

15 months

Whats involved.

Course Overview

Marketing is vitally important to all businesses providing the insight to develop and deliver new products and services to meet ever-changing customer needs. It is the process of researching, developing, promoting and distributing, products or services through effective channels to engage with a range of target audiences. Occupations in marketing span most industries and sectors and the roles can sit within a specific company/agency that provides marketing deliverables and advice to external clients, or within an internal marketing team, delivering marketing activities to drive that business. Marketing teams generally work with external agencies to deliver specialist elements of their marketing campaigns.

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Whats involved.

What will you learn?

Module 1

Marketing Concepts and Theories

Develop the understanding of marketing theories that supports the marketing processes including the 7P's, product development and segmentation. Includes the principles of stakeholder management and customer relationship management.

Module 2

Business and Commercial Awareness

Develop the skills to understand how marketing contributes to the wider business objectives and the characteristics and plans of the business and the sector that they work in. Develop the understanding of how target audience's decision making processes influence marketing activities.

Module 3

Market Research

Understand the principles of effective market research and how this can influence marketing activity e.g. valid data collection sources and methodologies and usage, including digital sources, and when to use quantitative and qualitative methods.

Module 4

Products and Channels

Develop the understanding of product development and the marketing landscape, how routes to market interplay most efficiently and the features and benefits of different marketing communication channels.

Module 5

Marketing Campaigns

Be able to develop, coordinate and maintain key marketing channels (both digital and offline) in order to plan and deliver tactical campaigns against SMART business objectives.


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Progression opportunities

Upon completion of this apprenticeship learners will be eligible for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Learners may consider progressing to a higher apprenticeship or continue their professional development with further qualifications and training.

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Entry requirements will be determined by individual employers.


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From the outset, we communicate with you to find out exactly what your organizational requirements are, then find the best fit for the business and an individual who will bring value to the role instantly.


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We will meet you in the first instance to find out exactly what your business needs from an apprentice, whilst ensuring that you have all the information you need from the outset.


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We will source high quality candidates that not only meet your organizational needs, but have the best personality fit and abilities to contribute to your office dynamics.


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Not only will we induct the apprentice, but we will offer ongoing support to both your business and the learner. We hold regular one-to-one sessions with our apprentices to ensure they are on the right track.


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We are versatile in our approach to teaching as we know every business has different needs, so we offer both academy-style support on a weekly basis, as well as distance-learning in the form of webinars.

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