Data Science 101: Starting out in Data Analytics

Data Science 101, Data Anayltics training

Interested in the use of Data Science and AI? Unsure of what all of the fuss is about?

Data Analytics have formed the basis for business decisions amongst many of the big-players you see thriving today. If you're new to Data Science then our webinar will be the perfect introduction to how your business can use this tool to reduce costs, improve revenue and highlight areas for improvement. Join our Head of Data as he takes you through a history of analytics, how this has developed over time and how organisations have perfected the use of analytics to grow into the successful businesses you see today.

Our 'Starting out in Data Science' webinar is a perfect opportunity for you to delve to the world of Data Analytics, with specific emphasis on how it can be used to aid and develop your business. Learn how the data you already collect can be used to transform and grow your organisation, and develop your skillset along the way.

Our Head of Data, Rehmi, has over 10 years in the field. A self-confessed Nerd, he joined the GBS family earlier this year as he loved the values GBS stands for. Rehmi has over 20 years’ experience in the technology and training sectors having worked on many unique projects. Combining his customer focused mindset, technical know-how and willingness to understand the customer beyond a basic project scope, Rehmi truly goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The ability to be adaptive and research is critical in the disruptive age and Rehmi prides himself in attempting to derive commercial value in a continuously changing technological landscape.

Rehmi will use his experience to advise on:

  • Developing your skills in Data and AI and navigating to a perfect role for you
  • Exploring popular use-cases
  • Learning about the tools and techniques being used in the industry today

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Date and Time

Wed, April 29th 2020 - 15:00 pm