We love catching up with our Apprentices and today we choose to share Jordan’s Apprenticeship journey towards his Digital Marketing career. Find out first hand, from Jordan, how GBS Apprenticeships can help you kickstart your career.

Who you are and your learning and working background before starting your apprenticeship?
My names Jordan, I’m a Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprentice at Nine Limes Design in Chesterfield. Before starting my apprenticeship, I was studying A-Levels at college. I also volunteer for a local community radio station and work a few hours in the kitchen of my local pub – a very broad mix!

Why you chose an apprenticeship and why you chose a Digital Marketer apprenticeship?
I chose to become a digital marketer apprentice as I enjoyed business and media at school and college – two subjects that fit really well with the digital marketing apprenticeship. Becoming an apprentice allows you to be taught to a standard much higher than a traditional education establishment as we get industry knowledge, from teachers who still work in the business. Having a role within a business allows you to put the knowledge taught us in the workplace and in the academy to use almost immediately to real clients.

How are your learning sessions and trainer?
I started my apprenticeship at an odd time, my first academy sessions were held online due to the lockdown. I don’t feel we lost out on anything through doing these sessions online as they were conducted well, taking advantage of the technology available to us and were engaging. Anna did her best to make them as good as a face to face session. Learning sessions give me tips that translate into being used very quickly in the working environment.

What have you found most enjoyable so far?
I’ve enjoyed leaving a heavily structured education environment to work in the real world. Throughout the digital marketer apprenticeship, you produce work for real clients and make a difference to real businesses. It’s so much more rewarding to see your work doing something positive while still achieving a qualification.

How you find the classroom sessions at the academy?
The classroom sessions in the digital marketer apprenticeship teach us vital skills that are then applied in the workplace every day. We are taught key information while also given time to do our own independent research on topics with help from our trainers.

What have you found most challenging about the apprenticeship?
Certain aspects of working towards your final grade in the digital marketer apprenticeship are a little difficult to understand, but this is made a lot simpler when explained further by my trainer who has spent time helping me understand what’s required of the qualification.

What is your experience with how the GBS team support you?
Right from the first phone call before my interview I’ve been able to contact the team at GBS with any questions about the apprenticeship with a quick response. I’m able to contact my trainer outside of academy times for advice that will help me at work.

What you would like to do after your apprenticeship?
I’ve not quite decided yet, there are many options to choose from. I think I’m likely to stay with the company I was placed with here at Nine Limes Design.

Why you would recommend someone should take an apprenticeship?
I’d recommend the digital marketing apprenticeship to anyone who enjoys getting out into the real world and doing something productive rather than learning in an environment where none of the work you do affects anyone else.  It’s great to see something you work on becoming successful.

Thanks Jordan, keep up the good work! If you’d like to find out more follow the links below.

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