Connor Daysh

Level 3 Software Development Technician Apprenticeship

GBS Apprenticeships has been a life-changing experience as they have helped me to acquire skills that I didn’t know I was capable of.

GBS Apprenticeships have provided me with countless opportunities to grow my knowledge and tackle different situations in my workplace. All of the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful, especially my tutor who has provided me with ample support, motivation, guidance, and information to succeed at my qualification. 
Before enrolling on my apprenticeship, I wasn’t sure where my career was going. I was working primarily as bar staff for around 2 years and not really getting anywhere that I wanted to go, but I had an interest in programming and software so I spent some of my free time teaching myself how to code. I was doing this for around 1 year, learning a few different languages, developing a portfolio and I even created a very basic game. However, I was finding it very difficult to get my foot in the door as a developer. So, when lockdown hit and my usual line of work grinded to a halt, I figured that it was the time I take the leap and managed to get enrolled on a course with GBS Apprenticeships and I wish I had done it sooner. 
Within a week of working with them, I had landed a placement at the company I currently work for and I have learnt so much about the industry and practices that I wouldn’t have been able to learn on my own. They’ve provided me with a safe place to make mistakes and improve myself to fit the role. Due to the work I have done, I have managed to improve my portfolio to give more examples of what I am now capable of. 
In addition to my academic prospects and career opportunities, they are also very considerate of mental health and wellbeing. They conduct regular check-ins where you’re able to unload any issues you’re experiencing, mental or otherwise, and they help you work through and find solutions to these issues. My favourite days of the week are when I come into the academy as it’s a very friendly and engaging environment, not to mention that it helps break up the work week with something different. 
As part of getting a placement in the work environment I wanted, and being taught about that industry, I’ve also grown in confidence when speaking in a business setting and being sure in myself that I have learnt the correct and relevant information to get involved in discussions and decisions. I also have the added benefit of working for a small company, so I’ve been able to get involved in many aspects of the business, and GBS has really helped me capitalise on that fortunate circumstance so that I can get the most of out the course. 

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