Hi, I’m Charlie! I am an 18-year-old Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice with GBS Apprenticeships. Before taking on my responsibilities as an IT apprentice with my employer Addooco, I attended Anthony Gell School to study Physics, Maths, and Computer Science as I have always been fond of computer-related subjects in school.

After my years at secondary school, I was attracted to the idea of an apprenticeship since I would get the first-hand experience with industry experts, be able to adventure out of my hometown into new areas, obtain valuable working experience right at the beginning of my career and all while getting paid to have a great time experiencing the working life.

After making the decision to follow up my studies with an apprenticeship, it was a no brainer for me to pursue an IT apprenticeship. I’d always been fascinated by technology and loved keeping up with the latest news in the industry. My prior studies also really helped me fit into my learning modules at GBS. GBS worked hard to match my personality and skills with the right employers so you really feel apart of the team and can thrive in the right environment during your apprenticeship.

The weekly learning sessions at GBS Chesterfield Academy are always something to look forward to since I get to meet lots of new IT apprentices and can ask all my dying questions to my designated trainer. We always kick off our friendly sessions with a small challenge to break the ice and get us ready for a productive day, then we end with a quick quiz to refresh our memory (and beat the others!).

Life as an IT apprentice can sometimes be quite challenging but having a mentor during both my work and studies helps reduce how daunting some challenges can be. I’d say my most challenging moment as an IT apprentice was being assigned to rollout multiple Microsoft products throughout my workplace. This was my first big project to take care on, but after talking it through with my workplace mentor, I was able to solve all the problems faced.

After my IT apprenticeship I would love to keep learning, so I could see myself moving into a more specialised area of work to further my studies. I also love taking on new challenges and leading projects, so starting my own business, or taking a more leading role at my current business, could also be fantastic opportunities for me.

I would highly recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone who wants to keep learning, work with industry experts, and get paid for pursuing their career path. It will open so many other opportunities down the line too, making it a no-brainer when it comes to kick-starting your career!