How can data analytics apprenticeships benefit your business? The demand for digital connectivity and an online presence was on the rise pre-COVID however, the COVID Crisis has catapulted the need and challenged our digital creativity.  Subsequently, to make the right analysed decision I would posit opting to develop your analytics team or upskilling your current staff first. The reason being it will provide your organisation the insights and knowhow to invest in the right digital assets or strategies.  

Analytics in HR can help reorganise your personnel, analytics in sales and marketing will give you better insights into the market, and analytics in your product development can give you understanding of your consumer and that’s just the start.  

Your options?  

As we find ourselves in a unique situation with incentives from the government to take on apprentices (or upskill existing staff) an option could be to take on an apprentice.  

The digital apprenticeship catalogue varies from developers, testers and analysts, however, in my professional opinion, it is that Data Analytics apprenticeships can bring immediate benefit with little investment from yourself.  

A data professional can start organising your existing data straight away, developing better visualisations and develop predicative analytics to feed into your various business units.  A Data Analytics Professional is also ideal to help your business grow in the long run.  

However, the only certified qualification, at the moment, is the BCS accredited Data Analytics Level 4 qualification. It is a well-rounded starting point that offers a systematic approach to developing core analytics skills as well as providing a better understanding of the Data Eco-system.   

Also, watch this space as we are currently working very hard to provide two new qualifications namely the level 3 Junior Data Analyst and the Level 7 AI specialist so there are exciting times ahead.   

Doing the apprenticeship correctly: 

Having given you the official overview of the qualification it is important to realise that combining the delivery of training with integration within the workplace is the key to any successful apprenticeship.  

Analytically speaking most of the working population struggle with STEM subjects so that is the first thing that should be addressed. Giving your staff the confidence to delve into STEM subjects is the foundation to getting your staff confident and data savvy. Thereafter supporting them to develop skills in various analytical tools and finally giving them the opportunity to explore and experiment within a controlled environment.  


Many training providers and Colleges will sell you the BCS Manual without any insights how they can help your staff succeed. The Standard give you enough flexibility to refine delivery and provide a quality bespoke programme. When shopping around for the right provider do not settle for just the Knowledge modules and irrelevant technologies. Make sure the technologies and the implementations are relevant to your organisation.  

If you need any advice on taking on an apprentice or are looking to train existing staff, please feel free to get in touch.  

Imran Rehmi

Rehmi joined the GBS family earlier this year as he loved the values GBS stands for. Rehmi has over 20 years’ experience in the technology and training sectors having worked on many unique projects.  

Combining his customer focused mindset, technical know-how and willingness to understand the customer beyond a basic project scope, Rehmi truly goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The ability to be adaptive and research is critical in the disruptive age and Rehmi prides himself in attempting to derive commercial value in a continuously changing technological landscape.  

Head of Data Analytics at GBS Apprenticeships